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Designing with EASYCAD

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Your digital tool for insole production. The software enables you to design your customised insoles quickly and efficiently.
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The all-in-one tool

EASYCAD - your digital tool for insole productionEASYCAD insert - Graphic layer model and construction of modules
Milling and printing from a single system
Compatible with commercially available
Measuring systems
Interfaces to many
billing systems


CAD milled

Central milling service
In-house production

3D Printed

Central printing service
In-house production

Milling insoles

in 4 min

Examination protocols

for gait analysis and posture inspection

Branch networking

for gait analysis and posture inspection

Quality assurance & documentation



Biomechanical or sensorimotor - you decide

EASYCAD - Basic libraries
Inlay construction with freely selectable modules

Realise your philosophy.

You will find various biomechanical and sensorimotor basic models in the basic libraries. You can personalise these models individually by selecting lowering, pads or raised edges as required and adjusting the height precisely. Using the foot scan or pedography, you can adjust the position of the elements precisely to the individual measurements to ensure a customised fit for optimum comfort and support.
Example video BASIS biomechanical basic library
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Use our indication-specific
Model libraries

EASYCAD - Sensorimotor libraries
proprio insoles 3D model grid
The "proprio" special libraries comprise SPRINGER's entire expertise in the field of sensorimotor technology. A corresponding insole model is available for each specific indication. An effective query system guides you quickly and reliably to the appropriate model. The model integrates seamlessly based on the footprint, giving you the option of customising module heights and positions according to your requirements. These personalised customisation options enable precise adjustment to individual requirements for maximum effectiveness.
EASYCAD - Library 3D bedding for supply DAF digital

DAF digital

PG 08 compliant

EASYCAD 3D bedding - The advanced tool for diabetes-adapted footbeds

DAF digital - PG 08 compliant

Easy customisation with the 3D bedding tool

The 3D bedding tool makes it easy for you to adapt the foot scan to the insole. This allows you to customise the insole, ensure optimum heel guidance and adapt it to the material thickness of 6-14 mm.

The innovative "3D bedding" library in the PG31

The new PG31 officially enables new manufacturing processes for the production of diabetes-adapted footbeds (DAF) for the first time. Easycad, the market-leading CAD software from SPRINGER for the design and production of individual insoles, has been expanded to include the “3D bedding” library. This digital platform is the ideal tool for the digital production of bedding insoles.

Perfect fit in just a few steps

In just a few steps you can get your finished footbeds by adapting a 3D foot scan. These are characterized by their high heel cups and ensure excellent rearfoot guidance. The heel is positioned optimally in the shoe, which means the foot does not “float”. This is a crucial criterion, especially for polyneuropathy patients with sensory disorders, in order to perform safely.

Flexible customisation possible

The material thickness of the insoles is extremely flexible and can be customised in the range of 6-14 mm. This means that the insoles can be made narrower in the rearfoot area for improved support in the shoe. At the same time, however, the prescribed minimum material thickness of 8 mm can be maintained in the case of a healed ulcer.

During the design process, you can choose from the insole moulds of all common shoe manufacturers to ensure a perfect fit. The generated CAD files can either be milled or soon produced using 3D printing - either in the central service centre or directly in-house. These versatile options offer you maximum flexibility in the production of your insoles.

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    Pressure distribution measurement to identify ROI (region of interest) and documentation of pressure relief

    GP Radix
    Mobile inner shoe pressure measuring system, compatible with all GP Mobildata measuring soles

  • 2


    3D + 2D footprint as a design basis

    GP LaserScan 3D total foot one
    3D full foot scanner for 3D and 2D

  • 3


    Adaptation footprint in footbed / shoe types

    Your digital tool for insole production

  • 4


    Functional relief or correction in foot bedding

    Your digital tool for insole production

  • 5


    of the footbed milled or printed

    Centralised or in-house

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    EASYCAD - Deposit logs for documentation
    Control and documentation for cost bearers

    Insoles protocols

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Andreas Bauer

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The following system requirements are necessary:

  • Operating systems:Windows 10/11 (64-bit)
  • Minimum requirements:Processor: Intel I3 5th generation, RAM: 4 GB
  • Recommended: Processor Intel I5 5th generation, RAM: 8 GB, hard drive storage: SSD
  • Screen resolution:1920 x 1080 Full HD
  • Only compatible with GpManager 7

Download the Demo version or request the installation package on a USB stick.

To install and activate individual libraries, please contact Springer Aktiv AG customer support and make an appointment:

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