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Discover proprio, our established brand for sensorimotor foot orthoses! As the undisputed market leader with over two decades of expertise, we help our users in the orthopaedic trade to be successful with sensorimotor foot orthoses.

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We are not only characterised by the longest market presence, but also by a range of models that is continuously being developed to the highest level in terms of quality and quantity. Each basic model is perfectly suited to the corresponding foot malformation, indication and gait deviation - the ideal starting point for your customised products. Place your trust in our expertise and benefit from well thought-out solutions. Targeted anamnesis documentation will help you quickly find the right initial model. Your patients and prescribers will thank you - proprio works reliably.

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proprio Kind - sensorimotor insoles for children and adolescents

Children and young people

Unlike conventional insoles, proprio SOLE promote the foot muscles and the body's own perception. Thanks to their active approach, they optimally support the motor development of children and young people and contribute to healthy posture and movement in the long term.
More information for parents on proprio.info.
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proprio SOLE can do more than other sports insoles. Instead of passively supporting the foot, they train the foot step by step and help to improve performance. The rolling behaviour of the feet, rotation in the knee joint and the load on the Achilles tendon are sustainably improved.
More information for athletes on proprio.info.
#Achillodynia #Patellar tip syndrome #Gonarthrosis #Plantar fasciitis #Shinsplints #TractusIliotibialisSysdrome #Gastrocnemius hardening #Adductor pain
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proprio Sport - sensorimotor insoles for athletes
proprio Schmerz - sensorimotor insoles for adults and pain patients

Pain patients

proprio SOLE help to strengthen and balance the foot muscles thanks to their holistic and causal approach. This actively corrects the joint position in the foot and creates the conditions for pain-free movement. They support the effects of manual therapy measures and holistic treatment of pain symptoms. Ascending and descending muscle chains are thus treated equally.
More information for pain patients on proprio.info.
#Foot pain #Restless leg #Knee pain #Gonarthrosis #Heel spur #Metatarsalgia #Hallux rigidus #Back pain #CMD #Hhip pain
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As neurological diseases are always accompanied by gait disorders and muscular plus or minus symptoms, proprio SOLE can be used effectively alongside physiotherapeutic treatment. Depending on the clinical picture and movement pattern, muscles are specifically stimulated or relaxed to improve physiological walking, gait stability and overall standing and walking ability.
More information for neuropatients on proprio.info.
#Spasticity #ICP #Hemiparesis #Apoplex #MParkinson's disease #Mmultiple sclerosis #Trisomia21 #Spindled foot #clubfoot #sickle foot #Hhollow foot #lower foot
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proprio Neuro - sensorimotor insoles for neurological patients
Also discover our online portal for sensorimotor insoles: www.proprio.info


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Are you interested and would like to use proprio in your company? Then our concept offers a solution for every need.

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