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We are climate neutral.

Our production site already runs on 55% green electricity and our parcel shipping has been CO₂-neutral since 2014. But that's not enough for us: we are taking the next important step and becoming climate neutral. We are offsetting our company's CO₂ footprint - from heating and electricity costs to company vehicles, business travel, employee commuting and paper waste.
This makes SPRINGER AKTIV AG Germany's first insole manufacturer to be awarded a "very good" rating by the "DIQP German Institute for Quality Standards and Testing e.V." for its climate neutrality.
SPRINGER's CO₂ footprint is calculated and offset in accordance with the internationally recognised Greenhouse Gas Protocol standard in collaboration with the certification company SQC-QualityCert.When reporting, all Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions (direct) are accounted for and some Scope 3 emissions (indirect) are taken into account.

Under the sign of the green revolution

Soon our lights will go on – and with a clear statement for the environment. Our brand new photovoltaic system is about to be commissioned and will cover a whopping 50% of our energy needs. A groundbreaking milestone for us and our mission to become greener. Orthopedic professionals, your purchase from us will not only be characterized by quality, but also by a green conscience. With sustainable energy design, we are contributing together to an ecological future.

Climate-neutral company 2024/2025 Test result VERY GOOD DIQPDIQP test result
(German Institute for Quality Standards and Testing e.V.) 
CO2-neutral shipping
We have been sending all parcels CO2-neutral since 2014.
Picture wind energy

Compensation project

The Soma wind farm is located in the Manisa region in western Turkey. It is registered according to the gold standard. The location of the project makes optimum use of the good wind resources in the Aegean region. The project saves around 168,000 tonnes of CO2 in greenhouse gas emissions each year by generating clean electricity from renewable energy sources, replacing the grid which is mainly powered by fossil fuels.

Climate neutral

Why this step? The climate crisis is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. We must all take responsibility for the solution and make an active contribution - including SPRINGER.
In the coming years, we want to further increase the demands we place on ourselves. We have resolved to significantly reduce our CO₂ emissions over the next three years. After all, it is better to avoid carbon dioxide than to compensate for it afterwards.
Frank Hepper - Board of Directors of SPRINGER AKTIV AG
"The climate crisis is one of the greatest challenges of our time and requires the commitment of all people and companies. SPRINGER is facing up to this responsibility and completely offsetting its CO₂ footprint. We will continue to reduce our CO₂ emissions over the next few years. After all, it is even better to avoid CO₂ emissions than to compensate for them afterwards."
Frank Hepper, Spokesman of the Board at SPRINGER

This is how we become even more sustainable step by step

Graphic analysis - Determination of CO2 emissions
Step 1


How much carbon dioxide do we actually emit? Together with our partner SQC-QualityCert, we record activity and emissions data from various sources and calculate SPRINGER's CO₂ emissions.
Graphic Compensation - CO2 compensation through environmental projects
Step 2


We support certified regional and international environmental projects that reduce CO₂ emissions locally. This is how we offset our emissions.
Graphic reduction - avoiding emissions and saving resources
Step 3


Avoiding is better than offsetting. Every year, we take steps to conserve resources and reduce our CO₂ emissions.
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