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Work safety shoes.

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Safety.special shoe S3

Our safety shoes in safety class 3 have been designed for problem and high-risk feet. With XXL volume, they offer enough space for a diabetes-adapted footbed.


XXL volume

SPRINGER's safety shoes not only offer orthopaedic professionals first-class quality and safety standards, but also a clear advantage: thanks to the unique XXL volume, our shoes enable the seamless integration of customised, diabetes-adapted footbeds. Our sophisticated design avoids seams in the forefoot area, while slip-resistant outsoles ensure optimum protection and comfort for patients with angio-neuropathic foot changes.

Technical info

Safety class S3
XXL volume for DAF for diabetes and rheumatism
Designed for problem and at-risk feet
Microfibre HIGHTECH material
Removable placeholder
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COMFORT.AS for diabetics - milled insole blank in comfort shape wide

SAFETY inserts

Type-tested in accordance with DGUV 112-191

Thanks to the removable placeholder, the shoe can also be combined with our SAFETY insoles. We offer the BASIC.AS, COMFORT.AS (milled) and DIABETES.AS models (illustration left) for this purpose. Our insoles can also be used to treat various indications in occupational safety shoes.
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Suitable for

Buckling foot
Flat foot
Hollow foot
Heel spur
Roll-off aid
Shortening compensation
SAFETY ESD insole BASIC.AS for heel spurs
Tarsal spur
SAFETY ESD insole BASIC.AS for metatarsalgia
SAFETY ESD inlay BASIC.AS with shortening compensation
Shortening compensation 
up to 15 mm
SAFETY ESD inlay BASIC.AS with roll-off aid
Roll-off aid
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