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Diabetic shoe system.

The Wound Class shoe system was developed with the help of specialists in outpatient foot clinics. It is the optimal solution for diabetic foot ulcerations to overcome the challenges of treating non-plantar foot lesions. With these diabetic shoes, you can rely on specialist expertise to significantly improve your patients' chances of recovery.

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Engineered in Germany
Made in Italy
Grafik Farbiger Balken WOUND-CLASS

Requirements for diabetic shoes

The treatment of diabetic foot ulcerations requires not only accurate wound care, but also effective relief of the foot. Internal seams that could exert pressure should be avoided, as should insufficient stability. The shoe must also provide sufficient space for wound dressings and effectively restrict joint movement to prevent further damage. The outsole should help to relieve pressure and have both a stiffening and a roll that restricts flexion of the metatarsophalangeal joints and helps the patient to move quickly over the weight-bearing point during forward movement.

Grafik Standsicherheit – Diabetikerschuhe
Icon Standsicherheit
Stand security
Grafik Fußschutz – Diabetikerschuhe
Icon Fußschutz
Grafik Druckentlastung – Diabetikerschuhe
Icon Druckentlastung
Pressure relief
WOUND-CLASS Modell Saluped

model Saluped

  • Stabilisation across the ankle
  • Interior without seams
  • Stiffened roll-off sole
  • Hygienic and disinfectable
  • Generous internal volume for pressure-relieving measures
  • 3-zone relief sole
  • Individually adaptable
  • Remove honeycombs individually
  • Glue honeycomb sole with carrier sole
WOUND-CLASS Saluped mit Vorfuß-Schutzkappe
with forefoot protection cap
3-zone relief sole
3-zone relief sole

Your advantages:

  • Support diabetologists: Perfect addition to wound treatments in outpatient foot clinics
  • Diabetologen unterstützen: Perfekte Ergänzung zu Wundbehandlungen in Fußambulanzen
  • Easy handling: Easy to adjust and quick to put on and take off.
  • Repeatable results: Consistent quality and pressure relief
  • Proven effectiveness: Supported by studies in outpatient foot clinics.
  • High cost-effectiveness: Long service life and low complaint rate.

OTWORLD 2024 trade fair campaign

From 1 July 2024, the shoe and accessories will be available in our web shop in pairs or pieces. Until then, use our call-off order form for your order and secure the trade fair discount of up to 25% off until 31 May 2024.

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Team of experts

Thomas Ehrle – Experte für Diabetikerschuhe
Thomas Ehrle,
Master orthopaedic shoemaker

"After decades of working with diabetes patients and numerous challenges in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcerations, I was particularly keen to contribute to the development of a shoe system that is not only practical but also medically sound."

Christian Krüger
Christian Krüger,  
Master orthopaedic shoemaker Master orthopaedic shoe technician
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"As a master orthopaedic shoe technician with many years of experience in outpatient foot clinics, I know how crucial the right choice of footwear is for the successful treatment of diabetic foot syndromes. I encourage you to integrate the "Saluped" into your treatment plans and am always on hand with expert advice."

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