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Insole blanks.

In our modern digital manufacturing facility, we produce insole blanks precisely in accordance with the individual technical requirements of the orthopaedic trade. Every detail is carefully designed to fulfil doctors' ideas and patients' expectations. You can rely on our more than 120 years of experience in insole production to find or develop exactly what you are looking for. Our production not only guarantees optimum patient care, but also takes shoe conditions into account, precisely realises medical requirements and enables efficient working. Our insole blanks help you to optimise your processes - for customised, cost-efficient solutions that work perfectly in all situations.

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Reliability through our 48h express warehouse and manufacturing in maximum 14 working days for manufactured articles
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QM-certified since 1998, now MDR-compliant in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13485:2016

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After analysing your needs and wishes, we offer you individual solutions with medical and economic benefits

Insole blanks Lines

PG 08 compliant from Basic to Premium - we manufacture all blanks in a wide range of material combinations, with optimised additional functions and for almost all shoe types.

Insole blanks for foot pain

Blanks for effective relief of the painful area
Heel spur - hand holds heel for heel pain

Plantar fasciitis (heel spur) is an irritation of the tendon plate that manifests itself as burning pain underneath the heel or in the course of the tendon plate and gets worse with pressure and strain. One of the declared aims of insole treatment is to relieve the area of pain by means of a flat recess and rearfoot cushioning.

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With a splayfoot, the metatarsal heads are subjected to a great deal of strain with every step due to the flattening of the transverse arch of the foot. This can cause periosteal irritation, which often leads to metatarsalgia with pain in the ball of the foot. The art of successful splayfoot relief therefore consists of redistributing the forefoot pressure.

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With hallux rigidus, the mobility of the big toe joint is limited. Pain occurs that can be permanent and increases with movement. Rigidus insoles immobilize the painful metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe without hindering rolling more than necessary.

Models in the webshop
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