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Therapy concept Diabetes.

Optimum care: Your guide through the jungle of requirements

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Your advantages

PG31-compliant care in all risk classes


Increase the quality of your patient care and navigate safely through the complex legal requirements. Our customised solutions for diabetics and our comprehensive range of services offer you efficiency, legal certainty and a decisive advantage in the care of diabetic foot syndrome. Use our DDG-compliant configurator for aids approved under PG31 and the customisable physician information and dispensing protocols to underline your own expertise and expand your network in outpatient foot clinics. We support you every step of the way. 

Overview products

Product solutions for diabetes care from a single source

DAF digital – Diabetes adaptierte Fußbettung
Grafik Risikoklassen 0, 1, 2 und 3 für DAF digital – Diabetische Fußbettungen

DAF digital – Diabetes-adapted foot supports

Use EASYCAD and the 3D bedding library to adapt the profile of the 3D scan to the foot bedding and then design, manufacture and document it for the cost units.

More info on risk classes 2 + 3

risk class 3

Standard care DAF

risk class 2

Exception e.g. in the case of severe PNP, PAD, contralateral side in the case of amputation, abnormal foot volume → Exceptions must be sufficiently justified by image and factual argumentation (e.g. Working group "foot" diagnosis report)

Download EASYCAD-Demo
EASYCAD – Einlagen customized
Grafik Risikoklassen 0, 1 und 2 für Einlagen customized

Insoles customized

With EASYCAD and the risk foot library, you can design foot orthoses to suit the shoe or footbed type and individually determine the width, the height of the longitudinal arch and the modules for forefoot, arch, lowering or rearfoot. Sie können dabei direkt in der Software ihre Konstruktion auf die Messung anpassen.

Download EASYCAD-Demo
Einlagenrohlinge für Diabetiker
Grafik Risikoklassen 0, 1 und 2 für Einlagen customized

Insole blanks

Bedding insole blanks optimised in terms of material, time-saving processing and functionality for use in diabetes care. You can order all models directly from the webshop - selected models are also available from the express warehouse.

Einlagenrohlinge aus dem Therapiekonzept DiabetesView products in the webshop
WOUND CLASS  diabetes shoe


Protective shoe for diabetics

The Saluped model from the WOUND-CLASS is a diabetic shoe that fulfils the requirements of a diabetic shoe according to current standards: Stability, protection and pressure relief for better chances of recovery and mobility for your patients.

→ More info about the shoe

From 1 July 2024, you can order the shoe and accessories individually or in pairs in our webshop. Secure the OTWORLD trade fair discounts of up to 25% until 31 May 2024 and request price information and the call-off order form.

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Grafik Risikoklassen 0, 1, 2 und 3 für DAF digital – Diabetische Fußbettungen
Logo ESD tested (electrostatic discharge)

SAFETY for diabetics

Insole blanks and shoes - type-tested in accordance with DGUV 112-191

Overview shoe manufacturers

SAFETY – Logos SchuhherstellerView products in the webshop
Scantechnik im Bettungsnbau – Nahaufnahme eines Fußes auf dem 3D-Fußscanner

Scanning technology for bedding construction

Whether 2D or 3D - the footprint provides you with a millimetre-precise database for designing a diabetes-adapted footbed or a customised shoe last. Our scanning technology captures all foot dimensions or a 3D sole mould and is fully integrated into our EASYCAD design software.

GP LaserScan 3D f2 –
Flatbed scanner
GP LaserScan 3D tf one –

Pressure measurement technology

Flexible measuring soles for pressure distribution measurement to identify ROI (Region Of Interest) and document pressure relief

GP Radix – Innenschuhmesssystem
GP Radix - Inner shoe measuring system
mit Bluetooth
Innenschuhmesssohlen in unterschiedlichen Layouts
Different sole layouts: sickle foot, Charcot foot or stump sole

Manufacturing technology

You can access Springer's expertise and design or adapt beds using EASYCAD. You can then use our centralised production service or simply send the CAD files to your own workshop.

Central printing and milling service at Springer in Berlin
Manufacturing with 3D printer Mike
GP Mike
3D printer for in-house production
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Manufacturing with GT Rocky - Milling machine for in-house CAD milling
GT Rocky
Milling machine for in-house production
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Milling materials

Combi layer milling materials
Combi layer milling materials
Combi layer milling materials
Combi layer milling materials
Sandwich milling materials
Sandwich milling materials
Tricombi milling materials
Tricombi milling materials
Product Information milling material

Contact person

Christian Krüger

"From my previous professional experience, good and comprehensive diabetes care that focusses on the well-being of the patient and an optimal operational process is close to my heart."

Christian Krüger

Consultant for orthopedic technology
Orthopaedic technician master
Orthopaedic shoemaker master
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