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Demo version.

3 months free trial

Please note the following installation instructions before downloading.

For new customers or customers with an older EasyCad version
Download the demo version and follow the installation instructions. You will need your customer number and address details for the installation. You will be asked for these during installation. If you do not yet have a Springer customer number, please call our Hotline
on + 49 (0) 30 49 00 03-0

After successful installation, please contact the Software support under the number: +49 (0) 30 49 00 03 -79.

If you are working with an older EasyCad and want to change to the EasyCad 4.2 version, the data from the older EasyCad will only be transferred after purchasing EasyCad 4.2. When purchasing, you will need to contact our support team again to obtain the full version (activation)

For all customers with GpManager
NOTE: EasyCad 4.2 is only compatible with the GpManager 7 version.
GpManagers older than version 7 are not compatible.
If you have a GpManager 7, you can access the same database with the EasyCad 4.2 demo.


Download demo version
INFO: Download size 1.31 GB, installer as packed exe file


By using the online support, you declare your agreement with our Exclusion of liability agree. Open the following link for online support:
Download Installer.exe (ZIP)
Is your internet connection too slow for the download? Then simply request the demo version by post. We will send you the data carrier as a USB stick.

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