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Measurement technology.

Optimise your foot orthopaedics with our digital measurement technology.
The tech-savvy teams at go-tec and Springer are behind our products. The top priority in the development of our measurement technology is to maximise user-friendliness and practicality. Organise your purchase on a modular basis to suit your requirements and investment plans - all measurement technology products are compatible with each other. Find out how precise foot and movement analyses in your digital workshop form the basis for first-class consulting and manufacturing processes. Welcome to the new era of foot care!

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2D foot scanner

The 2D foot scanner GP foot scan S4 is an indispensable tool for digitising your insole production processes. This tried-and-tested scanner enables you to digitise both feet in just 2 seconds. The foot measurements are determined automatically and are immediately available for a 1:1 printout in the workshop or for seamless transfer to your insole and last software. The scanner offers maximum flexibility for mobile or stationary use. Customised installation in your measuring room platform is possible as an option. Convince yourself of the ease of use and the advantage of digital data storage. Take the next step and invest in your digital workshop.

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  • Measurement technology: GP foot scan S4 with patient's feet
  • Measurement technology - GP FootScan S4 - Detailed view
  • GP Fusscan S4 - 2D measurement result

3D foot scanner

3D planar scanner

  • Measurement technology: 3D plantar scanner with laser lines
  • Measurement technology: 3D plantar scanner Device view

Step into the next dimension of digital foot measurement with the GP Laser-Scan 3Dour low-cost entry-level model. Capture the plantar foot shape precisely in all three dimensions. This scanner not only allows you to scan the human foot, but also foot foams and plasters - automatically and effortlessly. The captured measurement data can be processed directly and without delay in your in-house insole software. Convince yourself of the necessity of this innovative laser technology and experience simple, efficient processes in foot care.

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3D full foot scanner

Discover the superior precision of the 3D full foot scanner compared to the 3D plantar scanner: 100% form fit, even beyond the plantar surface. Perfect digitalisation for your foot workshop. Increase accuracy and efficiency in foot care with our advanced 3D full foot scanner.

1TP5Full foot scanner 1TP5Orthopaedic technology #Precision
  • Measurement technology: 3D full-foot scanner Device view
  • 3D full foot scanner measurement result
  • 3D full foot scan - use measurement result in EASYCAD design

Extended 3D full foot scanner

Precise scans beyond the ankle:
Our extended 3D full foot scanner GT George Max has been specially developed for the needs of orthopaedic shoemakers and its scan height of 17.5 cm enables the modelling of higher-cut custom shoes and boots. This device is the ideal choice for professionals working in the production of orthopaedic footwear with special requirements and offers seamless integration into the workflow.

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Pressure measuring plate

  • Pressure measuring plate with patient's foot and laptop with pedography measurement result
  • Measuring technology: Pressure measuring plate picture device
  • Pressure measuring plate measurement result - Pedography

Use the possibilities of our innovative pressure measuring plate for your digital foot analysis GP MultiSens and quickly and easily record crucial pressure load data. The display of high pressures and particularly pain-prone areas as well as the gait curve analysis enable you to make targeted adjustments when producing aids. With a height of just 4 mm, the plate is extremely thin and does not require installation in a platform. A wireless WiFi connection enables fast data transfer, while the power supply is wireless. Ideal for orthotists who want to customise and document their fittings to individual patient findings. Take foot care to a new level!

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Inner shoe measurement

Make your foot analysis more precise with the market-leading inner shoe pressure measurement GT Radix - is not only a "must have" and the standard for your DAF documentation, but can also be used in a variety of ways, for example in precise athlete analyses. In contrast to the pressure measuring plate, the inner shoe measurement enables an authentic step sequence and records the plantar pressure load under "real conditions" in the shoe.

Our extremely flexible measuring soles are densely packed with up to 64 sensors, guarantee an error tolerance of less than 5% and enable precise data recording. Wireless data transmission via Bluetooth guarantees 100% freedom of movement, while the maximum measuring frequency of 200 Hz also records athletic movements with the highest accuracy. With a range of approx. 15 m indoors and approx. 100 m outdoors, you are flexible in use. The battery life of approx. 8 hours ensures long-lasting usability. Use the advanced technology of our inner shoe pressure measurement for precise and versatile foot fittings.

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  • Measurement technology: Mobildata inner shoe measurement system in the patient's shoe and laptop with measurement results
  • Inner shoe measuring system Sole types for various indications
Data sheet

Gait analysis

"Gait analysis to go"

Gait analysis measurement set to go
  • Tripod for tablet case with iPad
  • Tripod with packaging and bag
  • Walking distance with bag
  • Walking distance 5m rolled out
  • Tablet case stainless steel
  • Tablet case stainless steel back
  • Tele- and Macrolinen for the iPad
  • iPad with packaging
  • Transport bag set gait analysis to go
  • Roll-up measuring wall

Use our "gait analysis to go" system - your mobile solution for standardised gait analyses as the basis for precise fitting of aids. Not an elaborate walking laboratory, but a flexible starter package that you can use both indoors and outdoors. Developed with the support of scientists at RPTU Kaiserslautern, in particular Dr Oliver Ludwig, we attach great importance to simple handling, cost-effective purchase and a practical but standardised setup. You will find everything you need in the practical sports bag:

  • Walking distance made of PVC with angles and dimensions for easy recording of the gait pattern at 4m, 5m or 7m
  • Brand tripod especially suitable for a low shooting height. A small centre foot is included, allowing the tripod to operate at a minimum height of 16 cm.
  • Stainless steel tablet casewith magnetic properties, the holding profiles for the iPad can be positioned flexibly and there are pads on the front. The iPad is securely fastened
  • Wide-angle and telephoto lens - The swivelling lens carrier can hold 3 different lenses, 2 are included in the scope of delivery, a 3rd lens can be upgraded
  • Analysis software Simple video analysis app "Dartfish 360" is pre-installed
  • Cloud package (1-year licence) "My Dartfish Mobile" optional, as a useful & necessary extension to share, manage and send videos
  • Setup and support
  • iPad RETINA DISPLAY 10.2" multi-touch display (current model, 32 GB)
  • Practical neutral transport bag Made of rainproof lorry tarpaulin for safe transport of all components
  • (Optional additional) Roll-up with measuring wall according to Dr Oliver Ludwig

Take motion recording into your own hands - mobile, efficient and cost-effective.

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