proprio AFO

proprio AFO.

The concept of a 3D-printed orthosis and sensorimotor insole


3D-printed AFO easily configured and with seamless integration of proprio SOLE.

proprio is the market-leading and established therapy concept for sensorimotor foot orthoses from Springer. The extended proprio concept offers you the seamless integration of proprio SOLE and proprio AFO. Perfectly adapted to the work processes in your company.

We show you how to produce the best 3D dentures easily and intuitively.

No 3D knowledge required. → You don't need any additional staff.
No change to your manual workflow. → You don't have to rethink.
No risk. → You use us as an extended workbench and save a lot of time.
No prescribed 3D scanning technology. → You take what you have.
No compromises on quality. → Our algorithm implements your specifications 1:1.

As an orthopaedic technician, you have complete freedom when planning your patient treatment thanks to the wide range of models. Our digital tools allow you to model the foot orthosis and configure the orthoses in a simple, reliable and reproducible workflow.

What you need:

Free access to the proprio AFO configurator
Free certification course on demand 24/7
3D scanning option open to the system


Edge padding

An EVA pad ensures a smooth transition at the edge of the orthosis. A complete lining of the orthosis is not necessary due to the optimal fit.

3D-printed fasteners

The Velcro fasteners are guided by a barely noticeable loop system. You can adjust the strap length quickly and individually when you try it on. 

Pleasant wearing climate

For a pleasant
climate, the orthosis shell is perforated. The correct heel fit can now be checked via an additional inspection hole in the back.
proprio AFO 3D-printed orthosis with labelling - Dynamic models

Different joint types

proprio AFO can be equipped with Tamarack or Dyna joint types. Leading, flexing and redressing joints are available as required. You can control the plantar flexion using a rear stop.

3D-printed tabs

The 3D-printed TPU straps also ensure a perfect fit and optimum pressure distribution of the fasteners.

Variable material thicknesses

Outstanding logic in the design enables flowing material thicknesses, orientated entirely to the requirements and force flow in the orthosis: as much as necessary and as little as possible. 

proprio SOLE

The required space is automatically added in the configuration process by entering the article number from Easycad or Easycam. 


Flexible to stable configuration

The ultra-light but dimensionally stable and shatterproof materials and the convincing design of the proprio AFO guarantee satisfied patients.

As an orthopaedic technician, you have complete freedom when planning your patient treatment thanks to the wide range of models. Our digital tools allow you to model the foot orthosis and configure the orthoses in a simple, reliable and reproducible workflow.

Model overview proprio AFO - development of flexibility and stability

These colours can be freely combined for the orthosis and padding:






A simple and intuitive workflow.

Computer screen with proprio AFO configurator mask
The tool for creating a proprio AFO is a web-based configurator. This guides you step by step through the manufacturing process. Your orthopaedic technicians can continue to work with the patient as usual, as two basic data workflows are possible. They can either use already modelled 3D data or upload unmodelled data as a 3D scan.
Scan plaster model with the iPhone for modified data
When working with modified data the modelled plaster provides the basis for the 3D scan. The technicians therefore have complete control over the inner shape of the orthosis.
When working with unmodified data either the patient's foot, which is positioned as vertically as possible, or the unprocessed positive cast is scanned. The position and shape correction is then carried out by the technicians in the proprio AFO configurator.
Scan foot with the iPad for unmodified data
proprio AFO configurator in dialogue with the customer
Once the scan has been uploaded, position corrections and any applications are made in the unmodified workflow. You can define the outline of the AFO extremely precisely in just a few steps.

You want to start?

proprio gives orthopaedic specialist companies a quick and easy entry into the world of 3D-printed orthoses.

Thanks to digital training, a free configuration process and precise service production, you benefit from the advantages of digital production with the proprio AFO.

Make a risk-free start to the digitalisation of your Workshop.

Knowledge transfer in a free 24/7 online academy
Initial supply at a discount.
Second and third supply with money-back option.

The starting signal

Primary care with price advantage and personal accompaniment and technical advice from an OT master craftsman.

Close to the customer

Technical support and Accompaniment in the first implementation phase by master orthopaedic technician Axel Ruppert.

Logo EU MDR compliant


proprio AFO are MDR-compliant. The end product remains a customised product made by your company. You add your declaration as usual. Your product labelling is also printed on the product. The manufacturer's declaration of conformity and instructions for use ensure a safe, MDR-compliant framework. In the event of an audit, you can refer to these for the majority of the technical documentation and clinical validation.

Start now
Axel Ruppert - Consultancy and support for proprio AFO

Your personal contact

Axel Ruppert

Free online academy

In the free proprio AFO online academy you will be trained with our Certification course in the configurator in practical webinars. After completion and certification, you will be given access to a personal account for the proprio AFO configurator, which is also free of charge. Your proprio experts from Springer Aktiv will be happy to assist you with your first live fitting and order.
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