proprio AFO

15 December 2023

Novelties proprio AFO

New functions and improvements

You can now replace the default lateral belt side with a medial placement. You will find a new "Belt position" option at the end of the "Advanced configuration" section.

Innovations proprio AFO - Improved cushioning in the forefoot area

The soft EVA foam now partially covers the distal end of the trim line and extends higher to provide more comfort and avoid excessive pressure issues.

Novelties proprio AFO - Order summary

You can now easily download a summary of the order including all measurements and configurations in the administration section of the orders area. Simply click on the PDF icon.

Innovations proprio AFO - Flex toe gait

The proprio AFO Flex is now also available in the toe walking version. Start the Flex configuration as usual and change the "Style" parameter to Toe Walking.

Innovations proprio AFO - Extension calf area

Option for rear extension of the orthosis (only for proprio AFO Active). This option can be used for toe walkers, for example.

proprio AFO - Long medial and lateral forefoot guidance

For example, for use with clubfoot or sickle foot. The forefoot is then not flexible. (will be available for Active, Dynamic, Control, Block and Static). If a flexible forefoot is required, a flexible forefoot guide via a medially or laterally extended inner shoe is available as an alternative.

We have good news today: You can now update your device* to iOS 17.2 as it resolves the issues we had regarding the USB-C and the Structure Sensor.

*An app update will be provided for the iPhone 15 (either 3DsizeMe or your My3DsizeMe app) as soon as it is ready.

Software tip for hot devices

DO NOT scan while the iPhone / iPad / scanner is HOT!
If you scan for longer than 10 minutes, charge the phone or leave the device in the sun, the device will become hot. When the device is hot, the measurement becomes very unstable and the accuracy decreases significantly. In this case, do not scan before the device has cooled down again.

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