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10 October 2023

anatomy line kids

New models for children according to anatomical last

In response to requests from many enthusiastic customers of our Anatomy-Line, we have now developed a children's last that consistently takes into account the anatomical requirements of children's feet. Together with Master orthopaedic shoe technician Stefan Woltring has created an insole blank that is more conducive to the correction and development of children's feet than any other paediatric insole blank. 

What is different about children's mouldings and why?

Children are much more willing to accept corrections, for example to the arch of the foot, as "right", even if the feeling of change is intense and strange.

  • The connective tissue structures are less firm than those of an adult.
  • Children's feet are growing and developing.
  • Children's feet are more malleable.

The Anatomy-Line kids uses stronger corrections than comparable adult models, particularly in the longitudinal arch of the foot. The proportional shape of a child's foot is also different to that of an adult's foot.

The hindfoot is narrower. An adjustable longitudinal arch of the foot follows this narrower shape.

The anatomy line kids consistently implements these age-appropriate differences in a new last shape. The support of the sustentaculum tali is followed by a flat, yet slightly elasticised support of the longitudinal arch of the foot.

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